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All APYD Committees are open to the general public and are a mix of National Advisory Council members and general youth development professionals. Only APYD Advisory Council Members can chair a committee. All Committee meetings are held via conference call or online meeting and unless absolutely necessary should not meet more than monthly. Additional committees are developed annually based upon the issues revealed in our annual needs assessment.

Permanent APYD Committees

State Networks and Taskforce

This committee oversees the development, support and rollout of APYD in states and local communities. This committee represents the local issues and viewpoints of youth development. Taskforce work will begin in 2012 when the APYD fellows representing each state and region are chosen. This is a great opportunity to assist in developing the local work of this national initaitive.

In 2011 – 2012 this committee will focus on:

  • Testing the Taskforce model in 6 states
  • Gaining feedback about needs and resources in each of the pilot states
  • Build awareness of local programs and strategies
  • Develop roll out strategy for other states
  • Present on this strategy at Conferences and via webinars to gain additional feedback and ideas
  • Develop APYD Training (with APYD Fellows committee) for SISGI Group Social Change Leadership fellows working on youth development

To learn more about the State Taskforce model please Click Here.


Best Practices for Youth Conference Committee

This committee will design and develop the annual Best Practices for Youth Conference, the first to be held in August of 2012. This includes determining locations, presenters, themes, speakers and information. This conference is built around a model that incorporates a high use of technology,social media and virtual networking to increase access and decrease cost. This committee works in coordination with the SISGI Group Board of Directors Conference and Learning Committee.


Research and Learning Committee

The research committee is responsible for overseeing the evaluation, outcomes and disbursement of knowledge of the APYD. They assist annually with the Needs Assessment development and design and presentation of the findings. This committee also delivers and coordinates Research and Learning Webinars through the Institute for Social Change that cover issues and topics raised through research. This includes bringing together presenters, panelists and experts to support and help in promoting best practices in youth development. In 2011 – 2012  the webinar topics are as follows:

  • November – Non College Bound Youth (Employment)
  • January – Education
  • March – Negative Peer Pressure
  • May – Unemployment/Underemployment (College students and College grads)
  • July – TBD

All Research and Learning webinars are free and open to the General Public. To learn more about the Institute for Social Change Research and Learning Series Click Here.


APYD Fellows Committee

This committee assists in the development of training, responsibilities and support for the Social Change Leadership Program Fellows that are focused on youth development. Fellows oversee regional work in youth development and support the work of the committees and national advisory council. They are key in raising awareness of best practices and connecting with youth programs across the country through social media. This committee serves in coordination with the SISGI Group Social Change Leadership Program Advisory Group. To learn more about the Social Change Leadership Program Click Here. 


APYD Global Committee

Though the Alliance for Positive Youth Development is currently a national initiative in the United States, we know there are tons of best practices for young people occurring all over the globe. While we do not have the capacity to support the work of youth development in every country at this time, we do not want to miss out on the opportunity to learn and share with our peers based outside the United States. This committee will only meet quarterly and is a great opportunity for youth development professionals to share lessons learned, best practices and what works to address pressing youth issues outside the U.S. This committee will also seek to support the work and knowledgebase of parties interested in duplicating the work of the APYD in their country. To participate in this committee please contact Thenera Bailey at


Additional committees are developed annually based upon the needs of the initiative and the focus of the Advisory Council. Additional committees in 2011-2012 include:

Non College Bound Youth

Through our research and the work of the advisory council we have determined that there is a lack of information and resources on this sector of the youth population. This committee will work to increase the awareness of programs and strategies to best serve this population, connect providers working with these young people, and share information to guide the work of youth development professionals.

To join a committee or to learn more about serving on a committee please email us at To stay updated on upcoming APYD Events and Committee Meetings please view the APYD Calendar.




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