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The SISGI Group’s Beyond Good Ideas Foundation is currently seeking individuals to support the work of the Alliance for Positive Youth Development in 11 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington, D.C. The SISGI Group is a consulting firm and nonprofit organization that works to bring about real change to social problems around the world by using a simple, common-sense approach: Preparation, Education and Collaboration. This approach empowers individuals and groups as social change agents and removes barriers to action.

What is the APYD Fellows Program?
APYD Fellows, young adults between the ages of 18-25 currently enrolled in a college or university, will be selected to serve a two-year term in which they support the youth development sector in their state or territory. Fellows will receive a small stipend for their service over the two years they serve as an APYD Fellow. The goal of this program is to train “on-the-ground” change agents to identify local issues and establish systems and relationships that will produce lasting outcomes in youth development.  Through this program, fellows will be provided the tools and training to understand pressing issues faced by youth in their state, how to mobilize support on the grassroots level to help solve these issues and identify existing and create new resources to help address the problem.  Two fellows will collaborate in each of the 13 communities in the following capacity:

  • First Year: Relationship development, partnership, recruitment and capacity building.
  • Second Year: Awareness building, youth leadership and putting into place systems to sustain processes in the long term.

Fellows Responsibilities

  1. Collect information and best practices from organizations across the state for an online library and nationwide public resource website with their peers in other states and territories.
  2. Support the APYD network in the state. This includes connecting programs and organizations for collective impact and creating opportunities for statewide collaboration on youth issues. Develop resources and research to support the work of the state network with the help of their regional team lead.
  3. Connect schools with GOLDEN leader e-trainings and existing youth development programs to assist teachers, students and staff in finding youth development resources and  service opportunities within their state.
  4. Develop a monthly statewide youth development e-newsletter that shares updates on what is happening for youth in the state, existing programs and resources and service opportunities.
  5. Develop Statewide GOLDEN Leaders: young people under 25 interested in addressing youth issues in their local community. Conduct an online training certification for young leaders using information and resources from local youth organizations that tackle the 6 GOLDEN empowerment areas.
  6. Provide capacity building support to youth organizations in social media, awareness building, needs assessments, program evaluation, and training.
  7. APYD Fellows will manage their statewide GOLDEN Leader online community for sharing and connecting with the young people that have participated in e-training to become GOLDEN leaders in their state.
  8. Develop activities in partnership with youth organizations in the state to meet a GOLDEN objective quarterly.
  9. Develop awareness items about best practices for youth in the state including YouTube videos about youth and youth development in the state or territory, a blog talk-radio show about youth issues in their region with live call in from young people and adults from their local communities.
  10. Oversee a nationwide GOLDEN Youth Award program with other fellows from across the country.

General Fellowship Qualifications

  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Coursework or academic experience related to Education, Families, Children, Youth or youth related issues
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Awareness of multiple perspectives on issues related to youth development
  • Open to learning and gaining additional knowledge about youth issues around the country
  • Team player with innovative problem solving abilities and original ideas.
  • Strong time management and delegating skills
  • Strong Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Interest in social change issues and career in the social sector
  • Comfort with technology
  • Leadership and/or volunteer experience
  • Up to 1 ½ to 2 years left as a student and at minimum one year of college credit completed.

Team Leader

  • Graduate student with a minimum of 2 years of professional work experience
  • Leadership experience with interest in increasing management and leadership skills
  • Strong listening and facilitation skills
  • Strong time management and delegating skills
  • Strong critical analysis and thinking abilities

Application Process


  • Application – resume, cover letter, unofficial transcript, 5 page writing sample on topic related to Youth Development or Education

  • Interview with Program Manager

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Interview with CEO

  • Interview with youth development stakeholder

Fellow Team Leader (open to graduate students only)

All of the steps in the fellow application process (indicate interest in team lead role in cover letter)

Participate in an online meeting with sector leaders, program manager and CEO to show facilitation skills and issue knowledge

To apply send application materials to by May 15, 2012.

Fellows will begin in August/September 2012.

Locations for fellow opportunities by APYD Region for 2012. Applicants must reside in one of these states or territories.

Western Region Northeastern Region Southeastern/
Caribbean Region
Central Region
California New York Georgia Texas
Colorado New Jersey Florida Indiana
Hawaii Maryland Puerto Rico Michigan
District of Columbia

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