APYD Regions


APYD work starts in local communities!

Though we are creating a national platform for youth development, we know that it is the people and issues on the ground that have the most impact. We want the work of the APYD to be effective at addressing local issues and concerns unique to each state and community.

Each region is represented on the National Advisory Council by a Regional Delegate. Regional Delegates share the concerns, strategies and best practices of the programs and organizations in their region. This information comes directly from each state taskforce which is led by an APYD fellow. Fellows connect with local programs and share ideas and information throughout their state. To get involved join the mailing list for your region today and work directly with us to impact the lives of the young people in your community.

APYD State Taskforce work will being in September 2012 when the APYD Fellows are chosen for each state. Be a part of supporting the way youth development occurs in your state by supporting the work in your region and sharing ideas in this next year of data collection and information.

Northeast Region

Southeast and Caribbean Region

Central Region

Western Region





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