National Advisory Council

Advisory Council members serve as strategic thought leaders, collaborators and catalysts for action representing the national goals of the Alliance for Positive Youth Development. The council identifies, articulates and prioritizes the issues, topics and challenges affecting youth in the United States, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Members identify best practices for youth development and ideas for collaboration across sectors.

APYD National Advisory Council Organization

Regional Delegates

Delegates must live and work in the region that they serve and be connected to youth development work in their region. At least one Regional Delegate per region must be a young person 18-25 years old.

GOLDEN© Representatives 

Representatives must work in a program or organization that focuses on providing youth with one of the characters defined by our GOLDEN© focus areas.

  • (G) Giving Back – volunteer and service organizations designed for young people. Youth will learn how they can make a difference and to give of their time and experience.


  • (O) Open to Differences – organizations that support or provide youth with understanding and tolerance for difference or work with minority, disabled or LGBTQI youth. Also will focus on religious tolerance and global awareness.


  • (L) Love themselves Unconditionally – counselors, advocates and organizations focused on self-esteem, self perception and overall feelings of worth within youth development. Issues with Suicide, Eating Disorders, Dating Violence and other social issues can also fall into this category.


  • (D) Defend Against Oppression – Awareness and advocacy training organizations, anti-bullying, anti-racism, gender equality and other empowerment programs that work to provide youth with the skills to recognize and advocate for equality and tolerance.


  • (E) Empower Themselves and Others – Mentoring programs and Leadership training for young people to take on positions to create change, take on challenges and work as a team. This also includes general career preparedness for young people to enter the workforce and contribute to society. This can include leadership programs, general education support and sports or group activities.


  • (N) Never Give Up – Programs and organizations focused on academic achievement, high school completion and college preparedness. This focus will also cover risky behaviors such as substance abuse, teen pregnancy, juvenile justice problems and violence. This can include prevention/retention programs and general education agencies.


These examples are meant to serve as a guide but by no means define all the ways that these focus areas can be defined on the national advisory council and in local communities.

We are currently establishing our National Advisory Council. For questions or to become involved in the many volunteer leadership opportunities within the Alliance For Positive Youth Development please complete this form.





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